Omolong's Personal Skins

Name: Omolong’s Personal skins

Version: Dunno

Description: My 3 personal skins (human, rebel, monster)

Requirements: Garry’s Mod 10

The models and textures.

Me, for the idea, the skin of the human model, the bodygroups, and the model hacking on the rebel model.
Bloo, for the 5-fingered t-shirt over the shirt version of my model, the human hunter model, the monster version.
Kathar, for the homburg hat
Ilwrath, whoever ported the CoD4 models and Infinity Ward, for the gasmask, and the down version of the hood
S-Low and Bethesda, for the alien mask
Valve, for the Metrocop masks




Best way to use the eyes is the right click.

I updated the OP guys.

Is the bug fixed?


The middle one is just a clusterfuck of different models. :v:
Nevertheless, I like them.