OMON Operators [With Release!]

chl0407 will give a link if you guys send message to him.

and do not share without our permission.

Sorry for asking, but what is the name of the model they are about to arrest/shoot?
The guy with woodland kinda camo.
Please say. Thank you :slight_smile:

Chechen rebel, part of the Moh 2010 release.

Why are you guys sending the model through PM’s and not making a public release? : /

Because, they are not complete.

Composition is a bit lopsided, I thought I had to scroll over, but that’s the whole image.

is there any soldiers that doesn’t look “Russian” in that pack you guys are going to release?

I don’t think so

Technically, it can’t be “with release” if you gotta PM a guy to get them.

Still, nice pic. Digging the shield helmets.

I hope chl0407’s going to work some magic and make the cro-axe and the gasmask in to bodygroups too.
Other than those, the only thing that bothers me is the red star.

Agreed with the Red Star, its a fucking stereotype nowadays.

FYI Korea and America, Russia isnt communist anymore.

What is it with game devs and giving *everybody *shellholders loaded up with 12ga, whether they have a shotgun or not? :psyduck:

Posing is great as usual, but the composition irks me a bit - there’s plenty going on but it’s all slightly off-centre. When you first look, all you’re seeing is an empty doorway. Highlights are blown too - I’m guessing you meant it to be sunny, but that’s a little much.

Also, do the AKs come with the omon guys when you ask chl?

I like how the omon guys are carrying british gas masks

Great models btw

Yeah, I wondered the same when I tried them out.
If you were a game developer and you had to make gasmasks for -entercountryhere- soldiers wouldn’t it just be as simple to make the Russian nbc mask instead of the british one?

I don’t think those are S10s. They’re similar, but I’m fairly sure they aren’t the same.

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I know, the best korea is communist (orreligious fanatic). but we just ported from them, we didn’t make them. :slight_smile: I’ll replace patches later.

They’re FM12s; basically an updated S10 or some shit

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Afaik Russian Federation equips their regular army units with the new PMK3s and I recall seeing another military photo with a SchMS respirator mixed in there

Fighting Commies is all we live for here. It is all that we know :frowning:

Too bad there are no realistic OMON’s out there