Omon Riot Soldier (MW2 Riot Soldier)

For the record, Russian soldiers do not wear red camo. I made the russian riot soldier from the mw2 armor pack a bit more realistic.

1 Omon Riot Soldier
1 Riot Shield

Nightstick Sold Separately (l4d2)

Release Notes From

I know the pack was linked in a screenshot thread, but is that actually the author? The credits I added were the ones provided in the pack itself.


Nice man

I think No5 Sniper port it.


Huh better than red than dead…
Hopefully it doesn’t have a red star right?
Nice though.

Very nice work.

I will downliod it. Because its COOL and Russian!

but its called OMOH

Uh, OMOH is the same as OMON, just OMOH is russian letters.

Correcting, ultra, the Stryker, BTR-80, Juggernaut, riot shield, and riot shielders were NOT by Predaaator.

you are quite right, mister :smiley:

Thanks, always wanted the Riot Shield :smiley:

It is ulta, and in the Armored Pack the riot people were credited to MW2 and PREDAAATOR. You can check the credits readme in it.

For the other question, I did edit out the ridiculous red star.

could you provide some more photos? thanks

Sexy shit, this helps loads making screens.

Time for epic shield poses

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Now its easier to find :smiley: