"On a wing and a prayer" P51 Mustang escorts a B17.

Just finished reading the book and felt like doing something in the feeling of the book. Comments and shit, yo.

Also, I know the sun is bright… because the sun is actually bright, try looking at it.


The sun is actually pretty great if you ask me. The smoke is pretty nice. The fire (If that’s what that is :v:) look’s pretty bad though, too yellow. Clouds are pretty. :buddy:

Gasoline fires burn very bright and very yellow/orange. Thanks for the comments.

That fire sucks.


It is very cartoony. I recommend looking up tutorials on how to make fire, or take one from a picture.

Ya, my first try at fire… alas it fails.

Yeah, that fire failed. But everything else is pure win.

The smoke from burning fuel is really really dark, it needs to be alot more pronounced.

Nice angle and posing tho.

I really like the depth of field here.

Was just looking at my fire in some of my poses from another game I play and it looks fine there… I think it just doesn’t suit the Valve engine very well.



Personally I think it fits in there.

It doesn’t, just look for reference pictures of burning gasoline.

I like everything but the fire.

depth of field looks nice, as well as the picture
but the fire edit looks horrible

The propeller on the engine that’s on fire should be still. Fire looks bad.

I like the sun and the content itself. Smoke is well done. Overall, a good job.

May god help us.

That looks pretty good , except the fire. Maybe use a better skybox next time. I think gm_sky is perfect for that kind of pictures.

Though there’s one motor gone, we can still carry on, comin’ in on a wing and a prayer.

Fuck yeah, B-17s

The picture is quite good, I must say. I have two gripes: the contrast seems too low, making a picture that is obviously not supposed to be dark too dark. That, and the fire looks like it was made in MSPaint. I recommend finding a picture on Google of a gas fire, then photoshopping it in. Trust me, it’ll look better. You can do that until either you figure out something better or don’t need gas fires in your pictures.

Its a very nice screenshot tbh and the only thing that lets it down is fire…

The propeller on the broken engine would still be spinning if the engine isnt working because of the ‘windmill effect’ of the wind pushing the propeller round :confused:

Thanks for the comments guys, does anyone have a decent link to a good fire tut for gimp? I tend to suck at putting photo realistic images into pictures.