On Behalf of the Emperor [COMIC REPOST]

Since the SFM section went kaput, I felt like reposting this comic I did quite a while ago. I had about 10 of these written, and they would get longer and actually have character development. For each strip, I had to port models, do the scenebuild and so on. Ended up being way to much on my plate, and I also set pretty high standards for the scenebuilding, so that didn’t exactly help.

It also didn’t help that I lost all of my ports from W40k Space Marine (and that there aren’t any Imperial Guard models on the valve biped. That would have saved hours and hours of work). If there’s enough interest I might kick this series back up, but whatever. You can think of these as pilot episodes that never took off.



I really wish you’d continue these in some form or fashion, they’ve got a Gone With The Blastwave vibe.

You know, guy seems like a comissar I could warm up to.

Damnit. Now I want some hot coco.

Undisciplined Cadians? Is there even such a thing?

yes, they are called grave yards