On creating an ent, no collision with physics?

I am creating entity spawns that spawn an entity in front of a player…

What I wish to do is make the entity not collide with doors or physics props for a certain length of time,

Where would I begin? Can you set collision enums on creation from a function such as



Or is there a way to check to see if an entity will be stuck when it is created? <— This method would be much better for what I am trying to do.

You have a couple of options, you could change the collision groups or you can set the object so it’s not solid. Although I don’t think this will fix the issue you described. What you could do is a player eye trace, get the hitpos, and then spawn the entity at that point minus the size of the entity. I believe you could use OBBMins and OBBMaxs to get the size of the entity.