On how many servers do you play currently?

Hello boys and girls,

So the question is; On how many servers do you ‘actively’ play?

I’m interested because I play on 3 servers.
-One server wich is high populated 50/50 daytime and most peeps are Dutch like me.(vanilla)
-Than I play on an almost empty server just for building and running a round freely with out being killed.(modded)
-And as last I just like to hop in a war server from time to time just for fun.

I play the most on the first server.

So let me know how you guys play…


Just UK1 basically.
I joined another tiny modded server because I wanted to experiment with base designs and play that once in a while.

I don’t like the idea of having little in many servers, in any game.

all of them

You must have a lot of free time!

1 survival and another one is a rpg

I play on two at a time usually. The one I host and a bandit on high populated servers.

Role playing? In Rust?

Only one atm. Hard to find a good server these days. Either you play on oficial servers and get stomped by hackers once in a while or you play on modded servers and get abused by some random 13yo admin.

Only way out i could find is to jump from 1 server to another until i find a good server. Took me a while but i found one :P. I really dont have the will to look for another one so in case this one go off i’ll simply wait until the fp sort things out to play again. Dont get me wrong, i dont mind starting over because of a wipe but its kinda boring to do this every day or two because of various reasons.

It is hard to find a good server, true to that!

Only 1, full of competitve funny dudes, it’s all I need.

The rpg server:http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1372306&p=44233353#post44233353

yeah,hopefully the two i found can stay forever.I hate official servers.They are to big and have to many hackers.



  1. I play with whatever group I’m with
  2. Battle servers to practice my aim
  3. An econ server I solo on

what is a econ server?

economy? one where you get money for killing people/animals probably. I played on one of those once… it was helpful for getting research kits.

I play on two servers at the moment…

one battlefield or whatever you wanna call it… practice shooting without worrying about loot and such.

one decently populated mildly less than vanilla server. Mods are remove tool and stone starter kit.

Yeah those War/Battlefield servers are good practice.

I switch servers frequently, because i enjoy the everlasting fight for resources in the beginning after wipe. Preferably each 3-5 days I switch a server to a new one, and if it doesn’t meet the obvious standards (Active admins to wipe out cheaters, as well as lack of server caused lags), I switch the server faster.

I don’t understand how people can start from scratch every week,to me that’s the slowest progress you have in the game and most boring part in the game.I have guns and base i want it to stay like that