On my GMod Server, I can't interact with objects and the walking noise is super fast.

I noticed this after trying to find a way to force players to download the current map, using “ResourceGenerator3” to generate a resource.lua with resource.AddFile to add the maps. The problem is that objects cant be picked up/interacted with and the walking sounds on different surfaces is really rapid and fast. Not sure what I screwed up this time.

Your server is probably missing CS:S or something.

Ok, how can I fix this?

Isn’t it obvious? Install the damn thing onto your server.

Ok… umm… how? :S

paid hosting or vps/dedicated server?

Not paid, no

Yep, turns out I already had it mounted before the issue

What company are you hosting with? Remove all your addons (including workshop ones) and test if the bug is fixed. If not backup your addons and contact support to reset your server.

No one, its a dedicated server, as I said

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Ive also noticed that player animations arent working and players cant damage eachother. Does ANYONE know how to fix this?