On my server SBEP parts are effects, please help.

On my SBEP server when i try to spwan any spacebuild object it spawns as a effect.

The server is a serverFFS one.
I used the SBEP SVN on the SBEP wiki.

For any more information ask me :slight_smile:

-thanks in advance-

The server is most likely hosted on a Linux OS, which is causing this.

is there anyway i can stop it from happening then?

Switch to a windows based server?

without changing providers i cant :frowning: are you sure that is the reason?

I’ve emailed them inquiring the OS, and possibility of switching if it’s Linux.


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Here is a reply i got from just after i made the topic."Dear Oran Swindley,

No, we run Linux only. I would recommend contacting the addon author to make it Linux compatible.

Wouter van Eekelen"

I don’t see that happening.