On my server there is no !menu

I go onto my server and type !menu but nothing happens.
What do I do?
I’ve been on a lot of sites and they mentioned ‘sb_row’ what on earth is that?

There is no such command by default. It is added by mods, probably admin mods.

Do you know where I might find one?

One what? Admin mod? Try googling ULX.

I did. spent over an hour getting nowhere

This is literally the first thing that google shows: http://ulyssesmod.net

Go to www.ulyssesmod.net, there you have to download ULib and ULX, put the zips in your server’s addon folder, and unzip them. Then restart and !menu should work.

Thanks man. Unlike some you were actually helpful :smiley:
Cheers bud.

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Before you go ahead and blame for people for your inability to search, please actually put in some effort.

It’s not in your ass so stop looking and pulling things out of there.

I looked up something completely different so shut your shit. I typed ‘TTT admin panel’ and ‘!ulx menu TTT gmod’ so don’t blame me for not being vague.

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Oh! Thanks for that fantastic piece of advice. I was digging in there for hours until I read this. Gee! Thanks Bud!

You’re welcome!