On Patrol

*A guard riding on his patrol route…



is he still driving or is he stopped?

If I would be a guard, Id be there. Driving bikes while on guard :dance:

Look at the spinning tires.

He stopped because there is no motion blur. “Hey look, a shoe!”


Dang it, I almost got it!^

Have you ever ridden a dirt bike before? It is possible to take a foot off of a peg while riding.

Wait, If he’s turning right, why is his left foot down? it just seems strange too me, and Dirtbikes are abit strange for Patrol IMO because of their Noise (i.e: BWAAAAAAAAA BWAAAAAHHHHH BWAAAA) <–Stupidity Moment; But yeah, Cool Picture BTW! =D

No, I have not ridden a dirt bike, but I have ridden motorcycle.

If he’s turning at all


Sorry Double Post, I thought I’d Catch myself

if he’s moving why isn’t it kicking up dirt?

The ground is packed and he isn’t hauling ass?

Jesus, it is like nobody has ever ridden a dirt bike.

And not all pics need to be super realistic.

I have!!
and if it’s packed then why isn’t it dust?
or maybe some rocks
or maybe his tires don’t have traction.

Good point. I guess he just rides his bike like a weirdo XD I didn’t plan for him to be turning but it sure looks like it.

And dirtbikes really are not that loud if you aren’t gunning it:


Anybody notice the awesome strap I added?

True, But I don’t Ride Slow! =D
and Excellent Strapping, it’s Strapping! =D

Also, What Kind of Bike do you ride =P (Off Topic I know)

What the f*** do you want, a note ? Anyway, very good pose, but made me laughing for some reason.