On patrol




I’m still trying to understand how to make that magic from Guard Duty happen again. For now, I’ve just managed to make scenebuilds that are close to melting my computer.

I think the only thing missing from this personally, is some faint lighting. It would add to it if there were light reflecting off of the water.

I think a night version of this would possibly be killer, with the moon in the back, reflecting off of the water.

For a moment there I mistook the slippery stick in the water for a giant anaconda.

That water’s really fucking well done man.

Holy shit that water tho! Amazing!

the only con here is that the lighting doesnt look anywhere near as nice on the characters themselves
they look terribly flat on them as a matter of fact

And I still don’t understand why, because even when I put a lamp with brightness set to 8 or 10, it still didn’t light those guys up - I wanted some rimlighting and I just couldn’t achieve it. I think it’s the jungle, sucking up all the light… just like it’s sucking up their lives

Well, it’s still better to step over it.

maybe those models are just terrible?
ive had some models that absolutely wont receive shadows from lamps before

Amazing scene building!!

where did you get that rain props?

Thank you.

The texture itself comes from this pack by Ryu-Gi

And here is the rain effect ported by me. It’s just the rain, nothing else.

It’s the map, it’s like GM_Big sea or something

Still looks really good though with the leaves floating on top, I likey

Yeah, the map is called gm_big_sea_night, it’s on the workshop.