on patroll

hey befor i get to the picture id like to say sorry for my last thing i did takeing the persons work and all. i wasnt all there at the time because of some new meds and stuff im takeing so i am truely sorry about that.

but now for the picture.
its just basically a group of soldiers patrolling downtown boston in the fog.
http://www.cubeupload.com/files/85ee00onpatroll.jpg please give comments on how it could be better and im gonna just ask once dont flame please.

Wouldn’t the fog be all over not just the ground?

it is if you dont see it its just lighter near as it gose up.

Drugs are no good son, unless you lend me some.

About the pic, the angle is kinda dull, I can see you know how to use no collide, and the posing seems fine but you can see much of it.
And that fogs looks more like smoke.

eh i know i could get a decent fog from the internet and that was the best i could find so yea.