"On the hunt" Bunch of raptors scavenging trough a building

An old picture I found but never posted. I hope its not too generic.
C&C please.


The raptors are pissed because someone dipped them in hot oil.

No it’s actually pretty fucking neato compared to your other works.

Hey thanks :buddy:

That’s pretty fucking sexy. Now, how did you get your SDoF to work? D:

I’m liking the smoke on the ground. Looks nice.

Nice. Posing and light is sweet. It is always something scary with raptors in a building. More so than in a forest. Strange but true.

Like I said, its an old picture. S-DoF worked back there.

Shat bricks

New enemies for Episode 3?

Thanks :buddy:!

I like the dust clouds on the bottom