On the subject of freely available server binaries

So I heard the hackers are demanding Facepunch to release the server binaries, because right now you can only host a server if you pay one of the exclusive partners.

The first reaction is probably to think “no way we will give them what they want”, but on second thought, wouldn’t it be better for the future, so things like this won’t happen again? When the binaries are in more hands than the few of the server administrators, bugs/exploits like the current one will be found faster, and can get fixed. Maybe, if the binaries had been available the whole time, someone would have found this bug earlier and reported it?

I’m also pretty sure that, if the binaries were available to the public, that people would’ve already fixed the current issue, as there are a few possibilities (like tunneling everything through a proxy and checking for malicious packets). With the situation now, only a few persons at Facepunch and uLink are able to work on the issue, and not the general public.

first reaction best… don`t give RETARDS the files… no matter what…

We do not negotiate with terrorist. period.

pretty shady fucking shit.

people act like such entitled assholes because they bought a product(or probably didn’t in this case)

facepunch don’t owe you SHIT especially when you buy into early access alpha.

though, this is just redundant blah blah blah.

angry nerds are seriously so lame. thankfully we have awesome nerds like facepunch who want people to have fun.

people are just belligerent-ass’d impatient motherfuckers. i don’t care what nationality is doing this, just that people are little bitches regardless. the big reason they probz want their own servers is cauz they can’t handle the heat and have no survival skills or the comprehension to play. so they want their own servers so they can play minecraft creative with Rust’s wonderful building mechanics. kinda like those pve plebs, except way douchey-er.


Sometimes it it can be worth it if i get back to playing the game faster. The terms are not that unreasonable. It would be nice if they both met in the middle and added in singleplayer/lan which was limited at something like 5 players to stop people being able to host the server to everyone.

Are you a friend of those hacking kids?

This game is in Alpha and you never give into demands like this. They want the ability so they can write mods and make the game their own. Garry will NEVER give in and he shouldn’t. What they’re doing is committing an international crime and I’m pretty sure Garry and Steam will not let it slide. Perhaps they can enjoy Rust from their jail cells upon completion. All they have accomplished is to have Garry address vulnerabilities that exist now instead of later. In the end, believe it or not. It will be the best for all of us.

What’s really messed up is that it is the time of year when a lot of people have a little extra time to play and they have taken that away from people who work hard.

“Hey buddy, that’s a nice shiny game server you got there… Be a shame if something were to happen to it…”

From what I’ve seen of this Garry fellow, he seems unlikely to respond to threats and similar shenanigans. You can’t reward dicks for being dickish, it just encourages them.

You are with out a doubt, clueless. This is Garry’s game, why should he give any part of it away?

That would set a bad precedent for the future of the game. Anyone wanting something changed would feel they could get it by holding Facepunch and the Community hostage…

I believe they also ask for the full source code of the game. These are ridiculous terms. If Garry gives them anything he proves that he is defeated. These kids exploit a bug that is fixable. It’s only a matter of time before these kids are powerless.

The game is in no sense belonging to the French c*nts. They purchased a right to play an alpha product when it’s available and how it’s available and they have zero rights to have any sort of demands. The development bottleneck doesn’t lie in the detection of bugs, but in the coding speed so having more servers will give nothing in that aspect.


So glad to see you’re thinking about the needs of others first.

From what i understand, Garry found this problem a few months ago and reported it to uLink and only now are they working on it. So no, we shouldn’t give out the server files yet, especially because its an early alpha. I’m fine paying $20/month for a server.