On the whole eating people thing.

Story time:

Anyone every play baldurs gate 2: Shadows of amn. Of course you have, if you havn’t do yourself a favor and pick up the best game of all time. Anyways, the reason i bring this up is becuase there was a quest, where you had to investigate murders in the docks ((maybe the slums?). When you finally found the murderers house and went in, it was empty. And if you looked under his bed you found a peice of armor ((think it was called flayers armor)) made from the skin of all his victims. It was disguisting, and horrible…and yet, 15 years later, I still remember it. It was one of the most amazing quests i did, and I still remember every moment of that, and wearing it ((people hated you))

So in response to Garry asking about eating people. THings like this are sensitive, and if added correctly could make this a very memorable and amazing feature. But don’t just half ass it and tack it on. Gimmicks are bad. But if done right, you are setting us up for an expierence unlike anything we have ever seen.

If you could eat people, there would actually be a benefit to kos’ing new spawns. We don’t need any more incentive to do that than we already have.

Another thing, I am not squeamish and it wouldn’t bother me if it was added in, but a big problem I see happening with this if it were added in is the addition of female characters or children characters for that matter. May have a huge backlash but lots of press for the game. Can they handle that backlash or will they want to? Skyrim pretty much took out the killing of children characters because of the backlash.

Like you said, it has to be done right, and who is to say what is right and what is not? A bunch of fans who want a true survival game? There are some sick minds here, mines included…