Once again, it is about the Hong Kong Official Server

I am sorry that I have to take the local issue of one single official server to FP again…However I saw no hope in finding any other better option:
The situation has gotten way out of hand.

First of all, nonetheless, I would like to thank the devs for the new updates——It allows me and my friends to actually gather and build. And we are able to make some new friends everyday. And we really love the new scenic landscape as well as the new bed respawn system. And people are gathering to fighting up against the dominating Koreans in the game :smiley: (which I think the problem is kinda solved, and actually turn into somekinda daily server war.) (The high-jumping hack still haunts every player though.) We are having a much more enjoyable time thanks to the development team’s full dedication to the game. :slight_smile: And I would like to represent every one of my friends to thank you for your effort and time.

However, this would only be a brief “peaceful” time before our nightmare comes again. Me and my team took a deeper investigation in the server. And we found the problem is even bigger than we thought:
[Long paragraphs warning]

First of all, it is the bullying issue. Now the whole server is turning up against the Koreans, it actually became a fun to enjoy.(Yeah, the bed system really got people all over the world gathered) However, the cyber-bullying part, on the other hand, is getting way more serious. And it is not only due to nationalities any more.

Here is an example[sorry it’s in Chinese(I would give a translation if requested):

Me and my team was targeted by this player and his group. Just because we killed his men in pure self-defense. They defamed us for robbing them in public chat, which in fact, they are the one keep using C4s and blowing our base up.
No matter how we clarify our cause(which is peacefully building and surviving), explain ourselves,
They will just keep coming.

But that’s only a small part of this kind of anti-social behavior:

We can’t even play without their harassment.

We have a lady from the U.S. and we had our base filled with misogynistic insults for hours. They would shout with mic with worst words you can imagine from a thug’s mouth.(e.g.s*** my d***, b****, I wanna c** on ur face) as well as other kinds of sexual harassment from them. They would humiliate our family, insults our parents, our relatives, our friends, our nationalities, 24/7 none-stop. (even when we chat properly with English among friends, they would laugh at us with that)
Clearly this is NOT acceptable in ANY situation, in ANY server or in ANY GAME. I suspect such is a violation towards human rights and more specifically, women’s rights. And we suspect this kind of sexism should not be tolerated at any degree.

[Here are the group and the guy’s profile for reference][If I have violate any policy of FP by providing them, please tell me, I will delete them at once, upon request]

[And we have this guy keep calling her as his girlfriend]

For the record: our friend left this game due to them.

In my last post, I might have not made myself clear enough in my post——I have to apologize that I’m not originated from an English-based society, and my points are probably messed up…(And a guy marked my former post as “dumb”…)
Nevertheless, the issues I mentioned here, I suppose, is not how Rust meant to be. Rivalry is a part what makes Rust special to all of us. But when it turns into completely bullying——the fun is gone.
We can withstand attacks from bandits.——But having direct verbal insults? Sexual harassment? Discrimination? And being hunted by a large group of players with no proper reasons again and again?

I guess that is just too much for me and my friends. And these kind of actions are not what the developers want to promote, are they?

In conclusion, players, especially ladies in HK official server are having a very depressing time at this very moment.
I hereby kindly request a ban on this group and these specific individuals as soon as possible for the sake of the healthiness of Rust. I reckon the action will work as a warning sign to other players who attempt to do the same as well as a signal that the official server is maintained and cared by the developers. Not to mention that this act will protect the female players in the game from being further harmed endlessly in Rust.

Once again, I have to thank both the devs and the community for their efforts and time to make Rust better and better by every per update. And I am sorry that I have to bother you once more for such kind of, perhaps trivial, local issues in an official server.
We hope you understand that we like Rust very much, and are willing to tell our friends and neighbors about it. But before such horrifying issues are solved, we cannot but hold this thought for the moment.

is this your first day on the internet

My apologizes if I have made silly/serious/deadly mistakes in my posts. I spent the last 3 years reading posts here instead of posing. :stuck_out_tongue:
So I don’t got as much experience as you do. Please feel free to point the problems out. I’m willing to learn. :slight_smile:

i was only messing around, your post is very comprehensible

im just saying i think you need thicker skin, and dont take their insults to heart, its only a game. i dont think rust is the right game for you if you have problems with other people being dicks

im also pretty sure if someone is bothering you that much then you can block communication with them through steam, and you wont be able to hear them or see their messages

The server is still available for anyone to download. I guarantee it will cost less than paying a dev to patrol the server for a few days and ban bullies.

Seriously, this isn’t that hard.

The official servers are for testing purposes and you are free to set up your own servers if you want to police them according to your own rules or wishes.

“ban bullies”

come on, really. what is this, barbies pony adventure? (or some other feminine game, you get the point)

i think if you are a grown man that whines about being bullied on a video game then maybe you should just get off the computer and do something else entirely. banter is what makes the game fun, having a rivalry with other players. if they are bothering you so much why dont you return the gesture and harass them back? maybe destroy their base? im sure theres some build only servers you can find if you dont want your precious feelings hurt

Still the first servers players gonna contact with will be the official servers.

Besides, speaking of profit…I can’t suggest anyone Rust due to it’s “kinda notorious” nature known by Asian communities. And the female players are all scared off of Rust because of its official server. We actually asked a couple of players why they wouldn’t just start a server on their own…And the reasons are quite similar to the ones given last time:

Official servers has a better connection, more players and a more “vanilla” experience.

So that’s why i’m asking…If it’s only a testing server…perhaps it should varies its name a bit?..At least this might cut the ties and stop people from actually thinking that “official”=“what RUST is mostly about”?

Btw, would u mind providing us a guide for setting up a server? Perhaps some of my friends will try it out…perhaps…but not me…sadly…due to many reasons irl

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Dude, it’s already gone to a point which females are specifically attacked in the game! I would not mind being insulted——I’ve got used to it already. But then, if this is such an environment that this game wishes to promote…I have nothing else to say…

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Perhaps my wordings is not so precise. I apologize for that; I should have used “racists”, “sexists”, right?

females are like unicorns in online games, they are always going to be targeted. theres nothing much you can do about that. maybe tell them to stop bringing attention to the fact they are girls

So much for the gender equality I guess…

well, its realistic. imagine a post apocalyptic survival world where there is no law. women would get harrassed a lot

Follow this guide but don’t install Oxide, there’s the server files, ready to go.

how is this dumb? i think it would be very true. come forward with your reasoning coward!

Welcome to the wild virtual world of Rust, where the true personality of people comes out. Be thankful to live in a civilized world in which those personalities are masked due to the need of social acceptance.

Change server, change game or raise an army to destroy those bastards. They all deserve to die, both in game as in real life. You cannot ban them for acting the way they truly are in full use of their wild freedom, but you can exterminate them using your own.

Once garry fixes the bug where turning off your chat box in the f2 menu causes you to not be able to move or swing, then I would suggest turning off your chat box.

You can also make your own server, or join a server that has an active admin,

You can also just ignore them, or create a suggestion for an Ignore List.

When it comes down to it, people who are assholes in public forums are just attention whores, do not talk to them or give them any response, they want a rise out of you, do not give it to them and it will not be a problem.

unfortunately this is the caliber of people who play a game where you can beat someone to death with a rock. although he’s been an asshole in the way he has worded some of it, clef is right; you all need to develop a thicker skin. the less you react to their crap, the more bored they will become, and eventually they will leave. by reacting to their behavior, you give them the attention they crave. and some people just haven’t been raised like you and i, so they don’t see it as wrong to spout this crap all day.

elix is also right. making your own server is more likely to be an effective solution than dev moderation; partly because they may not agree that every comment is a bannable offense, where you can ban anyone you feel has acted poorly, partly because you can whitelist people you know play nicely.

Thx for everyone’s replies.
Actually…I’d not bother…They insult so much, that i can’t feel a thing any more.
It’s more about my friends. I got 33 friends who used to play Rust. And now that number turned 0. No one is willing to return to the game thx to the game’s environment.

About the private server, while a friend of mine is looking into it…I actually wanna say that it’s never gonna be as big and as stable as the official ones…I mean sure, anyone can have their little paradise with all the settings they want, and build everything they want without being bothered at all…But honestly, I’d rather play other games instead… :stuck_out_tongue:

As a matter of fact, I think I’ll do it
I mean leaving Rust…
It has turned into something that I’d not appreciate at all.(at least that’s how it is in the Asia)(The Singapore server has the same problems, so there’s no other good ping server with 70+ players for me any more)

And yeah I know, you will reckon that I’m “thin-skinned”…Perhaps me and my friends just don’t suit Rust that much…

Again…thx for the all replies.

Not to be “that guy” but the internet is full of the worst people on the planet. That being said, any online game/environment you plan on visiting on the internet will likely have a population of societies worst.

That being said, there are decent people too so,
I am sure someone can host an Asian server that has an admin to moderate bullies.

I understand ur point. But when it’s like 75% of the players are “the worst”, the game is ruined.
It’s kinda like what happens when you leave a bunch of criminals in your house.
In time, they will have your house destroyed if you don’t start to make some rules and let them follow the rules.
The condition of the game will likely get worse as time pass.

And…In here? In Asia? Many admins are, in fact, the bullies themselves.

yeah, quasi-anonymity will do that to people i’m afraid. sorry to hear the server is full of assholes. the only thing i could suggest from here is what you have said (leaving for now) or moving server.

The main thing I see that is wrong with you (no offense) is that you take too seriously a few replies here.

No one who replied to you speaks with any authority, or represents the community of players. I am surprised you would reply to them and take their replies so seriously. When I read your first post, I knew people would blame you and mostly not be kind or have sympathy.

It sounds pretty bad what is happening on that server. I would try to get away from it somehow. Also, why not directly, privately message Garry and send him your post. Maybe someone from Facepunch would reply to you. They do have some responsibility for bullying and harassment on their server.

But seriously, don’t listen to the people who say you need to be thick skinned. They have a point, but online harassment and bullying is a real problem and ignoring it is not the best response.

Send me a message if you don’t know how to send a message directly to Garry. I can tell you how.

This is what sounds bad to me: