Once again London 2 is randomly down

Soo lastnight I was raided by Russian hackers as they were able to somehow bypass building privileges and build a ramp over my stone walls, now I log in to make yet another new base and the server is down again.

Close to saying bye to this game.

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dumb x 1?

Get the server back online for Christ sake what is going on

Why play in these crap servers! I have not seen a single hacker in this game as I play on a good server with great admins.

I am against playing on community servers, I will only ever play on official servers with any game, always have been always will, official servers should be more secure its a joke.

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what facepunch should do, is create a separate server which stores all the blueprint data for each official server, therefore you could log into any official server and retain the same blueprints, obviously not bases and items etc just blueprints

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that way if a server is down you could simply log into any official server to continue playing

But why? I play on a vanilla server so there is no mods, it’s the same as an official server accept you have better admins and no HACKERS!

Official servers are for testing. That means they will sometimes go down, or be unavailable, or be on a debug build that isn’t compatible with the normal client. You’re confusing an alpha with a finished game.

Stop taking the game so seriously this early on.