Once again SteamClient()->GetISteamUser

Well I just received the new update,and as I expected it still gives me this crash and engine error,I did copy gmod folder to the sourcemods a couple days back but still nothing worked,I hate to complain but is there another way to get this working again besides the updates? And No I dont want to clear my addons out because I really dont feel like going through the trouble of downloading them all again,and one more question with Mad Cows weapons,they arent working quit well for me,It does show the models and reload animations but when I fire and gun it fires at a fast rate of fire with very low left over ammunition and it also emmits a pulse rifle fire sound effect,and aiming down the sights is impossible,any help with that also? Thanks

My friend is having this same problem and the same error. Anyone can help please?

Reset Steam. It must do with something that steam fucked up on.

it didnt worked for me D:



thanks a lot :smiley: