"Once Again,The Traitors betrayed us..."

Indeed, my child.

MY, EYES, bad posing, bad map, I don’t see what you are doing.

Is that soldier holding a Taser?

bad posing
horrificially bad weapons models
ridiculous lens flare
terrible lighting effects
gmod 9 watermark

i think you get my drift

unless this is some witty troll pose that went right over my head, in which case more power to you


oh and terrible blood

Butthurter, why do you always say Indeed my child?

Betrayal is generally what traitors do. You shouldn’t be so suprised.

It is one of the many reasons my vocabulary is limited, my child.

Indeed, my child.

Just stop it already, jeez.

I understand.

That sounds like something I would say.

my child.

Yes, very yes.

Good, very good.


“Once again, the interesting title betrayed us.”

The M4 looks like its floating


(User was banned for this post ("Image macro" - PLing))

This doesn’t auto-disqualify any pose. Just because it’s construct doesn’t mean it’s bad to begin with. While his choice of map isn’t the best, I didn’t even realize it was construct for a moment. Most of the elements that give it away are less conspicuous than some nasty unedited, unzoomed garbage.

Lay off. He’s new (or a troll, but I have never seen a troll pose anywhere near this edited).

I can’t even tell exactly what’s going on in the pose. What I can see is off but, again, is not that terrible. Give the newbie a break and take a chill pill.


It’s almost impossible to even see the M4 in any detail. Yes, it may be a CSS model, but I’ve seen a pose or two that used CSS models, and you could barely tell the detail level.

Grow up. You’re just criticizing it because you knowit’s a CSS model, not because you can actually see enough of it in any detail to actually judge that element of the pose.

So. What?

He’s new. He’s inexperienced. He’s going to do things that aren’t up to your deity standards. It doesn’t even look that bad…

Go fap to your own work somewhere else, but don’t take a dump on newbies just because they aren’t your flawless masterpieces.

I don’t see too much in the way of lighting effects.

Your argument is, in fact, invalid.

The watermark is barely visible. You probably looked for it, and even then, it doesn’t detract much from the screenshot. I only saw it because you mentioned it.

Oh, look. You almost can’t see the blood. It’s actually a fairly realistic rendering, if you even know how bloodloss works or what color real blood is.

Not really, no. All I’ve gathered is the same thing everyone else has to say about you: You’re an ass to everyone.

Since when has it been necessary for a beginner to be god-like at this like you? So far, all you’ve done is give harsh, discouraging criticism without any thought for how he can improve his work.

If I were in charge of this forum, I would have you IP banned for being such a moron to a newbie. You, sir, are truly an idiot of the lowest class.

The posing definitely needs some work. The two things that strike me the most are
a) The floating weapon. It just seems to be there with nothing holding it.
b) The eyeballs are turned somewhere well somewhere.

And lastly - drop those lenseflares. They don’t really look good.