Once in a Lifetime

Water flowing underground.


i don’t get it but i like it

I dont get it and I dont like it… SO ARTISTIC!! white background with gman duplicated, yeah, really awesome

No, just no. You don’t duplicate one model and use it over all of your picture!

It doesn’t look that to me, try look closely to the 4 gmans. Each of them have a slightly different pose then each other.


No comment.


So he duped them and then tweaked them a little.
If you’re making a pic for Facepunch, make sure it’s good.

Why are people uploading this shit?
To get flamed to death?

Why are you flaming instead of giving constructive criticism?

Why must you post in every thread, ranting about how bad the images are.

How about, if you don’t like it, you say that without being a complete and total ass?

Im not posing in every thread.
Just in 2 because they are so useless.
They dont make sense and arent funny.
Thats a 5 min work not worth to get posted here.
And why am I a complete ass? I just dont get it why people are posting this erm “modern art”(or whatever you call this)
By the way constructive criticsm? Wtf how can you give critism to this? You cant say anything because its not a pose. Its duplicated stuff.

See, you could ask what it’s about, state that you don’t get it, and leave, without the friggen huge attitude.

Not EVERY post has to be, top quality, finest art, super serious shit. And if you realized that and toned down the ‘holy shit fag you suck’ attitude, I think everyone would be a lot happier.

Where the fuck are your poses?

Wanna see them?

But srsly this stuff cant be artistic or something.
He posed G-Man on gm_construct and duplicated it.
End of story.

Or do you got a better point of view?

Yeah, show me them.

Kk here they are.

By the way sorry for flaming in your thread.
Didnt know its from a trailer.
I better watch before I claim about stuff.

But my opinion to this picture still stand until somebody told me theyre epic.

Those are pretty good poses.
And I’m sorry for overreacting.




Thank you my friend :wink:

Wow kids today know nothing of music…

In any case the posing was really off compared to the original.

Each and every one of you has failed.