"Once that first bullet goes past your head..." Delta Force man in a Blackhawk.

“…Politics and all that shit go right out the window.”


There was supposed to be another Delta Force soldier sitting next to him and talking to him, but then gmod decided to fuck everything up as usual…

Might make a better version later.

EDIT: What the… how is this bad spelling? Im Finnish, so my spelling may not be as good as your…

A bit plain and empty, but posing is good and I like the title :v:

That guy looks really old. Weapon choice is inaccurate.

Posing is nice but the depth-of-field looks like you forgot to press “render”.

Why the heck dose everyone think the US uses hk g36 unless for swats that I’m ok with but come on!
It seems kinda empty though…

Military personal can order rifles, SMG’s, pistols, various types of kevlar, helmets, gas masks, knives, ect… From a catalog with the cost coming out of their pay. Or order particular weapons from the armoury if they are available and needed(Hey? Maybe we need a couple more m1094’s because were busting doors down every day…) And a G36 is a NATO rifle. So it’s possible for a SF unit to have one :wink:

Plus a couple U.S. military prison/security sites use it according to wiki. So they carry them in the U.S. armourys.

You have clearly overlooked the fact that this picture is set in 1993 before the G36, let alone the G36C, had even been designed.

Coulda been a prototype since it’s design was started in 1990. But the main point of the post was towards the fact that people assume that the U.S. military runs around with M16’s M4’s and 249’s only.

Prototypes don’t go on combat operations. And there’s a reason most people assume that the US Military only use the standard firearms and that’s because the huge majority of US personnel do only use the standard firearms. Most would see it as a complete waste of money to go and spend your hard-earned cash on a rifle that will offer very little over the rifle you have already been given, free of charge.

Alright retards shut up about guns, we all get that you know shit about them.

Ontopic the picture looks good but the helicopter they are in looks low res and the Anti-Aliasing isn’t on full.

Soon they’ll be running around with SCARs :v:

But you have a good point there.