one again i ask help for the same thing (experimental 0 servers)

I can see that this forum is “very helpful” I created thread yesterday in which i explained that for some reason in experimental branch i can’t find any servers, I also told that i already tried to turn off my firewall and that it has nothing to do with the fact that servers might be down atm because no matter when i try it always finds 0 servers for me. My thread got 0 responses and disappeared because other threads been created or old ones got responses. I hope this time i get some help, i would really appreciate it.
Thank you, goodbye.

Apparently no one has the answer, or has something constructive to add… so making another thread for the same issue is a bit dumb if you ask me. If you are so desperate you could always bump your old thread by posting some BS in it yourself. This is not a desired solution as well but beats the option of making another thread if you ask me

Well not getting any help is not a solution either, also in any forum if you post on your thread without anyone being posted on it before it doesn’t boost your thread up.

You probably are not getting an answer because your question has been answered over a dozen times in the last 2 weeks in these forums. There is only 1 experimental server, you can get the IP for it by searching these forums. Try the search function.

Well I can’t seem to find thread that would help me, I have been searching for about an hour, and also there is no thread with experimental server ip.

There ARE threads with the experimental IP. I know because I’ve posted it before and I got it from another thread (because I used the search function to find it).

But here’s the best solution of all for you: Don’t try to play the experimental branch if it’s not working for you.

There! Problem solved! Now you can just wait for it to be finished like everyone else.

Thanks dude if this ip: that you posted is legit then that means server is now probably down because I can’t join. I just don’t understand why it was so hard for you to help if you already had ip…
I think this forum needs rep+ system in which people who help other people gets +rep in this way more people would be willing to help others.

You are making a new thread about a issue you had that the old thread was not able to solve, you could of just bumped your old thread. This is one of those no-no’s you don’t want to do. Next time please take your time to read the Section rules.


I didn’t post it because you should learn to use the search instead of making new threads to ask questions that have been asked 20 times before.

Besides, I don’t have it memorized or written down or anything. Why should I go through the effort of searching and posting it if you can just do it yourself?

Well you could just said that you already posted ip in some other thread and I would have immediately searched your posts, like I did the second you told that you did. Btw I’m not trying to offend you or anything like that, It’s just in this forum If you want to get some help you got to do something so dumb that people would start to hate you for that, in other way you don’t attract attention and don’t get help.
Do you people really think that I don’t known such common thing that making
second thread is not allowed? It’s same in every forum. Like I said before this forum need some system which would grant some award to people who help other people with their questions, like rep+ system (which is used in many other forums and is working) because now you got to be cunt to get some help. And I would rather not be a cunt, but if being cunt is equal to getting some help I chose to be cunt every time.

Funnyasusual, your first thread was and still is on the first page of the Rust subforum. There is no reason to create another thread.

And there is no need for a reputation system here. Facepunch is doing quite well with the rules it has. It’s been going for 10 years and has 26 million posts on it. The Rust subforum is a particularly badly-behaved trough of newbies inside of the larger forum.

You don’t need to be a cunt to get help. Being a spammy idiot is not the way to get help. Being a cunt often gets you into… unwanted confrontations with moderators.

Yeah I understand that specifically rust subforum is problematic, game itself is chaotic thats why people in the forums are chaotic also, I’m just saying that if rules that are used now doesn’t work for rust subforum maybe it is time to change something or add something new not necessary for entire forum but just for Rust subforum (it doesn’t have to be rep system that is just one example) Because every thing, every game has it’s own rules and players. So it would be wise to make separate rules for every game forums and if the ones that are made doesn’t work change them completely or edit them until the point they do.

There are specific rules for this subforum. You very clearly never have read them.

There ARE separate rules for this subforum. Pretty much every subforum on FP has it’s own set of rules on top of the overall forum rules.

I know that the search function isn’t the best, it takes a little experimentation to figure out how to use it correctly.

But your OP about how “very helpful” everyone is and being all sarcastic and cunty doesn’t exactly make people want to help you out.

Yes but that sarcastic “very helpful” makes thread more lively more people comment on it until someone finally helps, I know it’s a thing that makes people to hate me, I’m not proud of what I did, but atleast I got what I wanted. Not like the time when i was trying to ask politely(in the first thread).

First step to using FP search is switching to the “Search Single Content Type” tab, if you click on the Search link in the top navigation. The default, multiple content search, is worthless.

Note that the search bar in the top right is actually on Labpunch, and it’s a testbed search as part of the long-term rewrite of Facepunch that garry’s been doing. That’s a separate thing altogether.

I get it, and I know I’m rude-r (not a word, but you get it) than I need to be but we see these things a lot and usually people just aren’t trying at all. I think you can understand how annoying that could be.

For future reference, the best way to search is to totally avoid the little text search box in the corner. It sucks hardcore.
Click the search link in the top-center-ish of the screen to go to the advanced search. Then click on the “Search Single Content Type” and make sure all Rust-related forums are selected.

It’s much better, doesn’t give you as many totally random results from all over the forum.

EDIT: Damnit, Elix, I’m trying to be less asshole-ish (making up lots of words today) and you ninja’d me. :zoid:

Thank you, well i think it’s time to lock this thread because question i have been searching has been repiled(unless someone else has some familiar question) Once again sorry for being cunt, i understand that it’s not the way to go and i promise that it wont gonna happen again, well at least not in this thread(JK), thanks again.