One Against The Infinite + Psycho Squad Seven




both scenebuilds on gm_black

I like the ‘Psycho squad seven’ scenebuild.
Would be able to see the scenebuilds as well? Thanks. ^^

it looks like i forgot to take any pictures of the second scenebuild but here’s two angles on the first one[/thumb]

something really useful i’ve found out is that you can stop a prop from casting shadows by coloring it with the “glow” effect on the color tool menu, so you can shine a lamp through it while still having it get lit up normally. so you can simulate light reflections by placing a lamp behind a brightly lit prop

gud shit

first one really reminds me of dead space

well basically, say your scenebuild is just a small four-sided corridor right? but you’ve got really complex lighting going on, fitting lots of lamps in there could be awkward. so if you go into the menu on the color tool, there should be a drop menu (either the Render FX one or the other one) with “glow” in it.

now if you use the color tool on a prop while you have “glow” selected, it disables the prop’s shadows and lets you shine lamps through it. so even if you have a completely sealed four-sided box or corridor, you can still light it up from the outside. but the best part is that the prop still otherwise reacts 100% normally to lighting, so you can cast shadows from other props onto this prop and shine lamps on it - it just won’t cast its own shadows. and if the prop is very reflective/well-lit, then you can just put a lamp behind it to simulate the light being reflected.

the entire wall in front of the guy in that first scenebuild used this trick, as well as the blue light props behind the grating on the right. this also works on effects and i think maybe ragdolls.

Not bad, mate.

BTW the pic look great.