One button gatedialer and memoryCard addon

some time ago i built a one button gatedialer with wiremod-gates, which i now want to share. (advdup-file)

It dials a address stored in a constant value (ascii numbers of the address + ‘13’).
[In the advdup-file it is set to “BUTON1”]
To the right there is a screen displaying how many address-letters are submitted to the gate and how many chevrons are locked.
Also it has a small indicator on the left which tells you if its an incoming(red) or outgoing(green) connection

The connection to the gate is done by a two-way-radio connection, so its quite simple to install it to a gate.
Place a two-way-radio at the gate and connect all ports alphabetically:
B->Dial Address
C->Dial Mode
D->Disable Autoclose
And then pair the radios.

Hmm, okay, but it wasn’t flexible enough to me (regarding the address in the constant value).
I needed something like a memory card to store the address…
so i built a small addon with a memory card to store data on it and a cardreader to read via wire from the card.
The config menu of the memory card:
You can set a String, which will be converted to ascii numbers and/or you can set numbers directly.
I provide both, because the Stargate wire input takes the ascii values of the address followed by a ‘13’ to start dialling.
To access the data on the card, the card has to be in range of the cardreader and you have to set the ‘Address’ wire input.
Data on Card: 65,66,67
Value set on ‘Address’ input:2
‘Value’ wire output will be 66 (address counting is not starting at 0)

By using the memoryCard i altered the gatedialer to dail the address on the card in range of the cardreader:

here are the download-links.
advdup-files of the gatedialer v1(without cardreader) and v2(with cardreader):

and my memoryCard addon:

PS. forgive my poor english >.<

Uh, this isn’t Lua.


Well, the card is, but I don’t understand what it does.

oh, i intended to release my memory card addon, but i explained too much what i used it for.
Basically the cardreader behaves like a wire ram module with the differece that the card holds data and can be carried around or swapped with another card.

I think my head just assploded.