One eternity later and I still can't play experimental

Can’t play experimental and never have been able to. I’ve heard some say it had to do with my antivirus (Bitdefender). I don’t want to uninstall my paid antivirus to pay a game I paid for (who would really?) so I want to know if there’s a solution or if it’s ever going to get fixed.

I mean I feel like it’s a lost cause by now. I’ve posted here about 6 times with the same issue over the last 5 months or so with no success. But I’m going to keep trying until someone notices who can hopefully help me out.

Disable Stealth mode in BitDefender. That feature is completely incompatible with Rust.

My GF and I both use bitdefender and I have posted numerous times on these forums about it.

after a certain build my PC started working fine with it.

as for my GFs PC, she has to disable the firewall before she plays and then just turns it back on when she is done.

i still wonder why:)

same lol

i just checked it again and it still shows zero servers with the firewall on while mine has no issue…like 5 feet away