One eye broken after decompiled

So I decompiled a model using crowbar to change its animations from player to npc, when I recompiled it I saw it was broken. Any help would be much appreciated, the eye itself is one model.

Ok, luckly I just learned how to do eyes in GMod since my model required it, but quickly gave up once I found out what a hassle it would have been to make 8 of them, basically eyes are just white textures (served as the base) with the pupil (a different texture) that will move through the texture to simulate an eye moving, the QC gets more complicated but my best guess is that somehow the flex for the right eye was deleted or moved, care to post QC? , will this do?

Ok I think I got it, the problem is the base’s texture, for an eye, even if it’s the same exact texture, it will need a different one for each eye, else it would confuse itself, in this case it’s here:

The “eyeball_s” is the same texture for both eyes, it’s ok to use the same for the pupil as it’s “iris_unused”, it should look something like this (example):

I don’t know how that slipped into the QC if you decompiled a working version, my best bet would be to copy the VMT of the “eyeball_s”, paste it, rename them “eyeball_r” and “eyeball_l” (doesn’t matter the name, they can be inverted too who cares it’s the same texture) and edit the model so it reflects the change, assign one eye’s material to the “l” and the other to the “r”, you’ll probably have to make the VTF for that too, but it’s copy and paste from the original.

I got it to work, thanks.

Was that the problem? I am sure someone will have the same problem and search the forums for answers, and also want to know if I got it right.