[one for the artists] Varied landscapes

The entire map, even the uninhabited zones where wood piles and animals don’t spawn all look exactly the same. I suggest creating urban areas / small villages with houses, hospitals and powerplants. Create swamps and lakes with marine wildlife which can be hunted. Fish, crocodiles ect. Create a large jungle zone (prehaps 1/4th the size of the map) which is home to spiders, snakes, frogs and monkeys which can all be hunted. Poison for weapons, skin for clothing, plants for curing infections and cuts. Lastly but certainly not least, create weather! I’d like to see it rain and snow sometimes, along with wind and fog which obscurs your vision a bit.

This is a survival game yet the only thing I need to survive from is other players. Make the world harsh… getting killed by the world needs to be more of a risk than dying from players. For example if you get bit by a snake or a spider then you have just minutes to get the right plant to cure yourself. If it starts to rain you get wet and need to build a temp shelter or you start to get hypothermia, unless you craft yourself some artic winter wear :stuck_out_tongue:

I really cannot wait for this game it spread it’s wings and let itself fly it has SO much potential! Please please unleash your imaginations :smiley:

Thanks FP!

Definitely agree with the weather and the harsh environment. Stoms, droughts and of course the 4 seasons. Stock up for winter laddy’s and a bit of extra food for the new players spawning in the cold.

Don’t know about the urban area’s though, kind of like the player build aspect. Though it would be nice to see its complexity in shape, material en color increase. A few possible styles to build you house in or something, though different materials and construction methods would already be nice, and more in the survivalist theme.

Well I thought there is a lot of open ground, like way too much open ground so instead of only rad towns which are tiny little facilities it would be nice to have mulitple large buildings with different floors to access.

I understand that a rad zone prevents camping the loot which I like but maybe mix it up a little and have some urban areas.

Think the plan is to make documentation for mapmaking and leave that for the serverowners to handle :slight_smile: great idea imo