One German soldier shot as another moves forward (Night)

This whole descriptive thread title necessity is rather dull… I can see why it is there, but i miss the old “We got a man down over here!” titles and such :slight_smile:

Original (don’t be shy :ohdear:)

(No he is not mentally retarded, i have great difficulty posing ‘just shot’ people)

The editing is really good, especially the detail in adding in the tree in the background to cover up the crappy defaults, but the posing on the right makes me lol.

You can’t take the MP40 by the cannon like you did, because it burns! :o

Anyway the character on the left is well posed, but the dying one is weird :confused:

He’s wearing gloves silly.

The smoke needs some depth, but apart from that the pic is nice.

Nice. Also, where the fuck have you been?