One Graphic Settings (Has this been talked about?)

I totally think games like survival that involves some type of PvP should easily have only 1 graphic settings. Anyone uses a different settings is already playing unfairly. For example, I’m a new player who doesn’t know how to turn off grass. Now there’s a veteran player playing with grass off, how is this fair?

Edit: For people saying it’s dumb, please say why. For people that want the best experience… why even add high graphic settings if all players will play on the lower settings?

will probably be changed once the game got more graphic settings in-game such as Texture quality, Shadow Quality… etc… because right now the grass is just a quick fps boost.

but i can deff see where you are going! It’s not fair at all… i can see so many ppl from a far distance.

Who the heck plays on the lowest settings?

This. The game is in unity and is no-where near computer raping material, such as arma 3 on max in a multilayer server.

If your competitive you will. I do, even in cs:go I do. Everyone does if they are playing a competitive FPS. People that stream any survival like games like DayZ or WarZ also do. Its very common to throw your graphic settings on low so you have the best advantage.

This is true, If you are just out for PvP you will use any setting you can to get an advantage/equal playing field with other PvPers. WarZ you always stayed on low settings since the foliage was so thick, and on low there was basically none. Same on Rust. If you turn the grass off you can see people further or people trying to hide.

Once the game is further along, and optimized there will be clear options for everyone to play with.

I still believe these types of games will never be balanced intill a dev actually makes one graphic setting. If you can’t run it, then well that a risk the game takes and I think it’s worth it cause it shows they care and want a balance but still fun game. It be sick to have a super foliage game and have only one graphic settings. Finally you would be able to hide behind the leaves, and finally camo would work, etc.

I agree with this 100%. Without this balance the enhanced grass serves only to drop your FPS by a large percent. I had been killed a few times when first playing this game because I crouched in what I thought was think grass in a field. The other players blatantly saw me and killed me instantly, which made me consider them to be cheating, until I was told the command to change it as well.

To do this press F1 in game and type grass.on false.

Either everyone should be forced to run with grass off or be forced to use grass on. This is really a non option because turning grass on literally has no advantage whatsoever so everyone ends up disabling it anyway for an advantage in FPS and visibility.