One in the Chamber : Alpha

One in the Chamber

                  The object of the game is to have the most frags near the end of the match, except you only have one bullet. You gain another bullet when you shoot someone, but if you miss you need too knife someone to gain another bullet. 

Feature Update Ideas From community: Please note that these ideas came from the community and may or may not be in the final product.
* Explosive throwing knives.
*Gun Shop for different weapons.
*Gaining health on Knife kill
*Point system instead of frags
*Armor maybe but seems overpowered to me but someone suggested it

Upcoming Updates: Most of these fixes are only because I need to re-download css and I couldn’t get on the map.
*Fixing Spawns FIXED
*Fixing MiniMap Works on other maps except de_dust2 SHOULD BE FIXED It worked for me after I removed a bunch of stuff

Pictures: *Picture by my friend deranged ghost because I need to re-download css *

Where to Connect:
If you want to test it out you can connect below:
Connect to server
just type this in console: connect

Other Info:
This is my second gamemode so please inform me on any bugs and stuff. Also if you have any other ideas you would like to see feel free to post them.
As of right now this gamemode is only private while it is being made. I hope to release it to the public maybe sometime in the future depending on how many people actually like it.
The gun comes from CSS Realistic.

Nice idea, I like it.

Small idea of mine:
That text in the middle of the screen is too big and sidetracking.
You could make a smaller text at a corner of a screen: “Best player: Freaky” (for example)

!website command does not work
F2 does not bring up inventory

Thanks I made it smaller and the mini map should be fixed now.

Lol Yea I forgot that I still had that on there when I copied my directory over. I couldn’t even see it until I joined, but it should be fixed now.