One item that could help the lag and overall improve the user experience

A passcoded safe. After 300+ hours of rust , I think this item needs to be on top of the list of items to add. I know it’s been suggested already.
The safe itself should should be passcoded and require at least 1-2 c4 to break into. I can see this helping casuals greatly since they generally have small bases and also help downsize large bases.
I don’t see any negative impacts other then someone building about 50 of them in one room. That could be rather cheesy. Perhaps their could be a limit of 1-2 per foundation.

I have an absolutely unraidable safe. I will try to make a video on it (I am sure it’s been done already though).

Thats a pretty bold statement, dont ya think?

I’ll upload it tonight if I get a chance.

suicide base? beach base? a screenshot plz :stuck_out_tongue:

I dont see how this would help lag… the only thing that can help lag is:

  1. wipes
  2. optimized server/netcoding i guess?
    and most importantly, as it would stop the need for wipes:
  3. admins that are willing to fly thru the server and delete decayed, raided+abandoned etc buildings and random elements like boxes in the middle of nowhere and all those hundreds of shelters that accumulate during a servers life.
    this would take about 30-60 mins I guess and help immensely (as they can instaremove with the tools).

Admins can’t fly, and have to walk… So add 3 more hours to that…


I don’t think this will help at all, since people would be going to look for the safe, and it’ll probably
be cheap as usual. So you’ll only have safe’s which makes the amount of C4 you need a waste compared to what you get.

Since i’d craft 20 safe’s and put them all around in my house with 1 chicken in it…

I’ll one up you. 1 Charcoal in it.

solution: give them noclip like in css. they already have teleport, godmode and invisible mode so no problem there.

Admins don’t need no clip, i do think they flying and to see names at a longer range IF they’re in god mode

I think the safe would destroy whats inside if you blow it up with C4. And if there are explosives in the safe - I think the kaboom factor should be even bigger…