One last breath

I don’t know

Stop being so good.

this is fucking amazing

one last word:

gurgle gurgle fbbtgkgff

two last words:
fucking wallhackers

This is like 2007-8, but with good editing.

…I like this.


Dude, that’s fucking sick.



For added effect you could have tried editing his mouth to be open. But it’s still nice.

FYI, css model have no faceposing, so that a no-go.

and if you’d try that with PS it’d just look silly

Nothing will look silly if it’s done well.
But honestly, I just haven’t thought about it.

  1. Thanks, I already knew that.

  2. I believe antianan is capable of editing it well enough to not look silly.

  3. Jim_Riley has done facial editing with Day of Defeat quite a bit. They don’t look silly.