One Last Build Before The (Hopefully)Update

I have been playing on a server, “” is the name. Decent folks, intelligent for the most part. Good ping, very little lag, great server. (No, I am not an admin or anything)

Hopefully, we will update tomorrow and all the new changes and challenges will be in. I love the dev servers, they make the current version seem like Legacy in comparison.

So here is a simple build, before the changes, that I just really liked. Nothing huge or special, but aesthetic and secure instead. I hope you like it. (HD for best viewing)

I’ll miss the days of building good looking structures such as the Phallus Palace. Back to lame square buildings and suicide bases.

Very nice. I’ve been playing on that server almost exclusively for the last month. There have been some crazy builds in the last few weeks. Last week someone built a road using foundations that linked just south of the snow biome to the satellite dish in the desert. Took my almost 30 minutes to run the length of it. I’ll admit I’m not looking forward to pillars again. They just take some much away from the aesthetics of the buildings.