One Last Kiss... ALT Love has no boundaries...

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My entry for the Romance/Super heroes contest. I wanted to get some separate C&C, thus creating this thread.


Well, I wanted to enter :confused: Not the best picture ever. BTW, he’s not dead just yet… Also, first “Romance” picture. C&C.


He looks dead, “she” looks like a dude, and overall…
You didn’t pose the fingers.


Nah, no fingerposing. I didn’t think it was necessary.

Think of a world where fingers are frozen…

Same thing.
You MUST finger pose, if the hands are visible.

Do you have a problem with gays?

We don’t take kindly to intolerant hics 'round these parts. :clint:

Gave you a box, for not understanding the meaning of fingerposing.


No. Just looked strange at first :slight_smile:

Also, I didn’t give the box to you. I gave it to the guy who can’t fingerpose.

I’ll stop now :slight_smile:

Isn’t it ironic how you say you have a problem with intolerant people when you used a cowboy emote? Cowboys were pretty intolerant to “Indians.”

That was kinda’ the joke…

Eww he’s all burnt and nasty.

Obviously, that’s why he’s gonna die.

d’awwww dat’s so cewt…!!!
nice pose though cept the cliipping.

Thank you.