One last model, for now. This time a dude.

'Sup, guys. I know I’ve been asking a lot recently. I figure this will probably be ignored like my other stuff, especially knowing how hard organic modeling is, which is what I need this time. I have a friend I’d like modeled. I don’t PERSONALLY know the guy, but he’s an icon on a chan I go to. We don’t know if the pictures I’m providing is really him, but we like to think it is. He was an OPERATOR for Blackwater, before it became Xe. Any /k/ommando should know who I’m talking about already (Mug, I’m looking at you, not necessarily saying you should model him, don’t recall how good you are with organic stuff. But I know you’re an OPERATOR.) I am talking about a man known as Hotaru Maniac. While you don’t need to know this stuff, I like typing, and I think it’s interesting. The man in this picture was also used on a poster for The Hurt Locker (Great movie, by the way), which is awesome, but I’m having a difficult time finding many good pictures of him. But, I’ll give you what I have, and if you can make a model of him from these, may John Moses Browning smile upon you. So, on to the pictures.

Thanks in advance, and I understand if no one takes up the job.

So much optimism in the pics

That don’t look like the Hurt Locker I saw yesterday . . .