"One less stinkbag plaguing the universe"

Dark yes, but I don’t care I liked it :haw:

Nice blood.

Thanks :love:

Only bad thing I can see is that the picture is really dark (at least for me), nice posing and editing.

It is quiet dark, I will work on that :slight_smile:

you filed this under politics. so i suggest you put a logo of the democratic party on the burning wreck. thank you.


they shoot lazers dawg this is unaccurate he should be shooting a laser pointer in the orks eye, possibly causing moderate damage to the cornea, rendering his enemy half blind at the hands of the emporer


One down, an entire WAAAGH to go.

With the spores from the dead ones springing up as well.

I like details in the pic.
Could I ask you what map do you use?

The tank looks far too toppled over, in the position it is in it should technically land on its turret and that sniper squad seems a little too close to those Orks.

:v: or something like that

Oh shit yes.

I need that Leman Russ tank.

Where can I get it?

Nice posing, by the way, if a little dark.

Svn only