one month no Rust, no Rust forums

came back to no changes at all.
I understand all the changes are rolled out into a new version, but that seems more like a strategy implemented to draw in new players (coming in with their $20, of course, bringing in fresh cash). That doesn’t seem very fair for the people who already bought the game, to wait that long for new features.

Creating new branches for experimental builds and using those branches for development is a standard and extremely common practice. This is software development 101.

Rust has made over $30 million. They don’t care about more money. They care about making Rust and making it well. And that takes time.

Everyone gets to wait for new features. I’ve been active in this subforum since last June. The initial crop of testers, when the Rust section wasn’t even public, were here over a year ago. That you’re getting all impatient and whining when you signed up in March is not impressive at all. You’re watching the sausage get made, and that’s what you bought into with Early Access.

The development process is not built to make you happy in the immediate short term. It’s built to satisfy you on the long term.

Let’s explain it like this.

You take out the cement foundation to a building and replace it with concrete foundation.

Now the entire building collapses while you’re putting in that new foundation.

The foundations are the base code and the entire building is the other code (guns, armor, food, etc).

They said their code is shit because the current code was to have the game say “Hey look at this cool idea, and if you like it, we’re making it better so hold on!” but instead what happened was “Hey look at this awesome game and how awesome it is and you should buy this game but remember it’s still in early alph- WOAH A SHITTON OF PEOPLE WOW!” and now everyone’s complaining about the code being absolute trash and they’re trying to explain the code is in fact absolute trash and no one leaves them alone because somehow all the planets aligned and they sold a shitton of copies to a bunch of 5 year olds who don’t understand that the code takes time to go from bad to good and Im not saying you’re a 5 year old but you really need to understand that they’re going slow so everything doesnt crash from under them and they are really trying to get this to work and they are working on a new base code but that does take time and they are basically reworking this entire game. All the problems that were around in the beginning will come back but like before they will be dealt with and because the code is more neat and organized it will all be dealt with faster. Perhaps at that point when all this code it worked out they can have DAILY updates. This will be because when someone says “I can clip through rocks, here’s how…” then they can look at one file and fix the collision instead of searching through all the code that involves rocks hoping to find something that might be the problem or break the entire game. If you can understand that they are waiting to release the entire game as a stable release rather then releasing it all at once and giving us all an unplayable mess of neat code and dev tools then you should see that it’s all good and you will be able to shoot your buddies and buddy your shoots and run around in fields of happy flowers and rage when you’re shot in the face and yeah.

Sorry if this doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. I’m just trying to be helpful in the condition I’m currently in :slight_smile:

…what condition is that? Overcaffeinated? (Line breaks help readability.)

Me injecting the marijuwanas and snorting lsd.

In all seriousness Im just fuckin tired.

Read the dev blog, it’s explained there why you’re waiting for the patch (they’re redoing code)