"One more for the mess wall, boys..."

“Better make it a good one. Look warry.”

DISCLAIMER: Spelling and/or grammatical errors are likely to abound

I wasn’t going to give this its own thread at first because I really rushed the edit and the posing isn’t the greatest, but oh well

the hood shadow seems odd. Other than that, nice and crisp as always.
Although, those pilots really seem out of the picture. I know there’s a helicopter behind them, but the gear.

I don’t know what makes this picture so fascinating… it reminds me of something.
Anyway, nice posing but the lightning could be better.

Why in the FAP is the russain on the far left holding a Browning .50???

Anyways: Awesome picture

reminds me of our army add video :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice, would just prefer the guy the left to look less dopey.

God I hope you’re joking.

That’s a PK.

You’re kidding right?

That’s a PK, Pulemet Kalashnikova, and it’s in 7.62x54R (it’s one of the early models with partial fluting on the barrel, precluding it from being a PKM). It’s been the Russian equivalent of the MAG-58 or M60 GMPGs since 1961.

EDIT: Wait no I’m stupid, it is a PKM. I was originally going to use the STALKER model (a PK) but due to scale issues and having a bipod, I went with the MoH PKM. My bad.

this is a good picture. you did good rossmum.

Looks great Rossum, everything looks fine. But some of the burning looks off to me (i.e. the front guy’s hood and on the right-most guy’s arm).

Also please tell me how horribly I mangled the caption, I’m going off of what I’ve learned from games, songs and the occasional movie here

I like how incredibly smooth the characters are, but it only makes them look out of place against the nasty aliased foliage.

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Shading under the dude’s hood is excessive and looks out of place.

I’ve yet to see a single game where the foliage isn’t nasty and aliased, sadly

“Альфа” - Fix’d

That’s all I got wrong? Sweet.

I’ll edit the fix in soon.

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Should be fixed now

Looks great cept for the hood, and it looks alright.
Nice to see the master of gun critique give an example of posing guns the way they should be.

No spelling errors :slight_smile:

I’m not too big of a fan of the sharpening, especially on the Pilot’s helmet (it gives him a thin black outline against the sky) and all of the similar camo patterns on the guys makes them sort of muddle together in a way that doesn’t really please the eyes.

I love that font u used

Pretty nice! The scene is a bit crowded looking, though, and the fact that the vehicles can’t be clearly seen is a shame.

That guy who’s standing second from left, what weapon is he holding? My first thought was AKS-74U, but it doesn’t look much like one. Then I thought Micro Galil but that doesn’t make much sense. I still can’t figure out what it is.

It’s an SR-3M Vikhr.