One night in Francis room...

[ul]Previously on Francis meet Ivy in the bar.[/ul]
[ul]Hold Ctrl+scroll down to zoom out.[/ul]

[ul]In case any of you wondering where did I get that naked Ivy…[/ul]

Sex poses aren’t allowed, I think.

That’s clearly not a sex pose. Nudes are tolerated as long as they’re not… Gratuitous.

nude ivy?! hnnng


i like

I thought all forms of explicit nudity counted as sex poses.

nudity can be seen as art. There have been pictures posted with breasts and it was fine.

Are you serious

huh, thought mods wouldnt allow even nudity here
hmm i might just have a new pose idea

Please no.

thats right
im back

I think you made a mistake, it’s just a nude pose.

oh shit boobs quick, ban him!11

oh i know

Oh HELL no.

i see tits.