One night in Neo-Kobe City

Couldn’t decide which was more appropriate thread music, so

or if you’d rather prefer this

The candle that burns twice as bright burns half as long… and you have burned so very brightly.

Is this a map or some scenebuild? I don’t recognize it or anything here besides the model, :v:. I like the colors, but the city doesn’t feel very busy and I don’t like how empty the sky seems, which I feel like would be clustered and bustling. Whether it’s to the rhythm of the first song or the jazz of the second, any “Neo-City” always seems like it’d be a busy place.

It’s a map, can’t remember the name but it was from an arcade fighter game or something i think. You did manage to read my thoughts, in hind sight i do think i should have made it more busy.

It’s The District, from Blade Symphony.

And not bad on that. Though, it needs more people in it.

While it is nice, it seems all you really did was place down the cement blocks, the chopper, and one guy. It looks nice, but just needs more in it.

It reminds me of my one I did awhile back

Aye, but i took more than enough time deciding what i wanted to do with the map so i kinda got frustrated in the end. I thought it was nice anyway. Might touch on it again, still have that save around.

Here’s a link for anyone who is interested in the maps

I think the super dof kind of screwed it up. Would be better with no dof, or have dof focus on something in the middle of the picture, or the dude on the right. Focusing on the cement, which is way down at the bottom of the picture somehow is not that pleasing to the eye