One of my first gmod MINI machnimas (0:12)

… and yes, it’s my contribution to the “what happens when xx gets his xx” meme.

Please do not hate because you don’t like the meme, I wanted to start out doing something simple!
Hope you enjoy.


sort of the reaction I was looking for lol.
If you are wondering, this is the original

tons of videos have been made, remixing the concept of that one (just look at the related videos) and I thought i’d give it a shot.

12 second long machinima video, and there’s only a CT holding 2 AWPs in his hand screaming snipers snipers snipers.


guess you have to have to be familiar with the whole “what happens when xx gets his xx” meme…

Thread is a shitstorm waiting to happen

Like a weak bladder beginning to collapse

lol i feel that aswell

We get it, but it is just annoying, seriously, the meme is god damn old. But uh, I suppose you didn’t know.