One of my friends cannot join my server (Complicated)

Hey everyone.

So I am hosting a server from my own PC, and all my friends can join. I have the ports opened and everything. It’s all good.
But ONE of my friends cannot join for some reason. For him it says “Server is not responding”
He can join the servers I host in other games such as Minecraft etc.
But not GMod.

He has been able to join my GMod server previously, but one day, he couldn’t.
All my other friends can join.
We are not on the same network.

I have no idea why this is happening, all help is appreciated :smiley:

  • Fillipuster

PS: I can connect to his server all good. (GMod and other games)

he should manually try and connect

connect IP:port if you aren’t doing so already in console

Yeah, we tried that. It did the “Failed after X retries” :frowning:

is he blocking any gmod ports?

I don’t believe so.

BTW: I can connect to his server all fine.

restart his computer, and restart both his modem and or router, leave the modem off for at least 5 minutes so it will grab a new ip unless it’s static ip

Okay, I will try to convince him to do that. I doubt he wants to. Thanks man :smiley: