One of the Better Destructible Houses

Living Room:
Stair Case:
Over 700 props, fully destructable.
It is already unfrozen when you load the save.
If you want to walk through it first I suggest you refreeze it with ecs.

*My first save didn’t work, please pm if you know why it isn’t working and if the winrar version works.

Is it unfrozen !? You mean static?

Looks pretty nice, an overview picture would be nice though.

Thanks, I mean that if you blow up the bottom half the top half will fall down.

I usually never download saves, but I am downloading this one.

I did too Pvt. Ryan, I just need to test it now.

That looks really good and I’d definitely download the save, but what’s a .7z file?

Edit: I googled:

Edit: ok, now the save won’t load, I click it and click load, or double click it and it just closes the load menu.

Yea, same here with the save file… and about the .7z, I used winrar, it works for alot of different compression files.

Pretty good looking house there mate, I guess you could possibly use it in wood wars?

Well winrar can open .7z files, I’ll upload a fixed winrar version.

I was skeptical when I saw the name but I have to say, nice work!

What a great house. I can already imagine the fun I’ll have dropping my TV guided missiles onto it. Good job again!

Uh… Holy crap.

That’s a good holy crap. :smiley:

So did anyone get the save to work? Mine isn’t, but I really want to check out this awesomeness. :frowning:

Edit: What it is doing is, I try to load the save game, and it brings me right back to the menu… it doesn’t even try to load.

Does it say anything in console?

This is all it gave me…

load <savename> : load a game

Any idea?

I just downloaded the .rar save and it works! great house!

Strange how I’m showing my appreciation for this by destroying it eh?

Apparrently it doesn’t work like that for kids’ sand castles…

That is one amazing house!

Was this for gmod 9 or 10?

It’s nice, but you should have made it completely out of wooden planks. That’d definitely surpass my old wooden board house.

What the hell, look at the picture, it says gmod 9 at the top :downs: