One of the infection is trying to escape.

The sneaky way

That infected played too much metal gear solid.

Damn! Ninja’d :ninja:

Hahahah I lol’ed bad.

“What was that noise?”
“Hey! Who’s footprints are these?”

cue alarm song

a walking crate, nothing too suspicious :slight_smile:

Hard to see at first but it is funny. Also, it should read “One of the infected is trying to escape”

I laughed.

Nice… MP5 and G36, the weapons that should’ve been in Killing Floor since those are weapons actually used by British police. :slight_smile:

Nice pose with the infected btw. XD

Your avatar laugh too.

“Clot? Clot? CLOOOT!”



Perhaps some MGS music will fit this picture.

No, MGS music does not fit this picture.