One of the less common ways of silently killing someone.


I don’t… I don’t get it :crying: is it a godfather reference because i’ve never seen it

Posing looks solid, but is your graphics on max?

I just felt the godfather music fit
I think, I don’t really know I just blacked out and the music was there.

The graphics are on max with console commands to make then even better.

Must be the pesky models fault then

You… Have never… SEEN THE GODFATHER?!
That aside.
Good ol’ garrote wire.

Please so tell of these console commands, or tell me of your source. :allears:

// Material Quality (Lowers FPS Somewhat)
mat_picmip -10 //"Ultra High" textures.

cl_detaildist 4200
cl_detailfade 1600

mat_motion_blur_forward_enabled 1
mat_motion_blur_strength 3
mat_bloom_scalefactor_scalar 1.125

cl_forcepreload 0
mat_forcehardwaresync 0
mat_queue_mode -1

cl_burninggibs 1
cl_new_impact_effects 1

rate 30000
cl_smooth 1

jpeg_quality 140 //Better quality screenshots with F5.
r_lod 0 //Removes "Level Of Detail" from models.

looks bad because theres no shading