One or Several Wolves: Generally Friendlier than the Alternative

What if Rust were about rebuilding after the apocalypse? It would, of course, be replete with all of the difficulties that accompany rebounding after a nuclear apocalypse. But, of course, it would involve a concerted effort to reestablish communities, economies, cultures, and nations. This is the niche that this server seeks to fill: with a desire for realism but with cautious optimism, the construction of a new society or societies upon the Rust island.

This rebuilding process involves more than mere gameplay. With fair-minded admins, a democratic orientation towards rules and their enforcement, and an openness to new mods, we seek to integrate the reestablishment of society into the very fabric of the Rust experience.

To connect: press F1 to open your console. Type net.connect

We hope to see you there!