One person+ One Night + C4

Hey this is my first thread I don’t know if there is a similar thread I haven’t seen yet. I was wondering if anyone on here would know how much c4 can one person make in a night? (Real World Time) Especially if the motive is vengeance!!!

How populated is the server?

during the day its really populated at night there’s like 10 on max.

I’ve made over 100 c4 in a total of 3 nights, so 33 c4 in a night is very easily possible.

How many hours would that be? That’s quite the resources needed. How many players on? I am an inexperienced player and bumping this because I am interested in some more input.

I think it also depends on the location you are harvesting too. Hacker Valley has sooooo much sulfur I drool every time i run through there. Like a little boy in a candy shop.

33 in a night alone ? You would have to farm :

  • 1980 animal fat.
  • 20328 charcoal.
  • 21318 sulfur.
  • 5212 metal fragments
  • 165 leather
  • 990 cloth

That would be arround 2664 sulfur ore and 651 metal ore. ( calculating that every ore gives you 6-8 )

Now if you take the charcoal in consideration and add the wood needed. Its quite impossible to craft 33 c4 in one night.

If i’m wrong please correct my math. Would love to understand how you farmed so much in one night lol

Farming bots, yep unfortunately they’er a thing now according to the admins on the server i play on.

o0 there is no such thing as farming bots…

Yea I’ve never heard anything about farming bots.

I’ve even able to collect resources in one day cycle to make maybe 4 at the most, and that’s solo. No one can gather enough for 33 in one day legitimately, no way no how. You would have to have a team that goes out and covers the map and gathers everything. Even if you and your crew were doing this on a server with no other players I doubt you would get enough in one day.

This guy maybe meant he crafted 33 in a night cycle?

I think hes talking about in 12 hours he made that much. I asked how much could you make in one night (real world time).

I would say it’s possible, just not probable. With the right amounts of determination, focus, and luck, 33 in 12 hours can be done. Of course that means you can’t be being hunted by other players, you pretty much need hacker valley all to yourself, and getting lucky on sulfur spawns wouldn’t hurt either.