One Piece Pirate Warriors 2 Models

Program: Blender
FORMAT: .blend
Bones/Facial rig: Yes

NOTE: Because the game uses cloth simulation some models are going to need tweaking or complete reconstruction of certain parts (hair,shirts,ect)

The models have:
Model / Texture / Bumpmap /Exponent Texture /Broken Smoothing / Fully rigged bone structure

Don Krieg(MirrorMF)


More links coming soon

If you have a character that you want to request Ask here and i’ll tell you said character state of extraction (Fully extracted /Missing some parts but still usable/Missing important parts)

What’s the status on Luffy? Either one, I know there’s two Luffys (Luffies?) in the game.

Both have their vest/shirt scrambled because of cloth simulation[/t]

but i could fix it like i did with vista’s cape. (but main characters are going to take some time to set up in a good and clean way in blender because of the amount of multiple sub models they have for their attacks) pre-timeskip luffy has like 5 different arms models for various attacks

Added Link for Smoker (Includes textures to match his manga color scheme)
Added Mirror link for Don Kreig in case of removal.

could you please do luffy with his scars on his chest?

doesnt the models need to be obj?

I just found that one of the attack models of luffy (post timeskip) keep his shirt intact.

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i’m releasing them in .blend because i want them to keep their bones and facial rig.

for some reasson when i open it up in blender the model is pink and i manage to add only his cloths texture

The Pink happened because i had to change the folder name for the texture and blender doesn’t know where to look to load them.

You’ll need to go in edit mode click A and make sure no faces are selected

Then in the right side go to the materials tab

and click the material that you want to load a texture and click select this should select the faces in the viewport

Now in you second viewport make sure you’re in UV/image editor

and click in Image and then Open Image in the tab that opened then select the texture. once selected the texture should be loaded in to the viewport

you’ll need to repeat this with all the materials.

amazing work on luffy so far :stuck_out_tongue:
hope to see ace too

wow amazing i’m imaging seeing sfm one piece videos in the future :slight_smile:

so a year passed you have luffy ready?

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Program: Blender
FORMAT: .blend
Bones/Facial rig: Yes

are you going to be making Roronoa Zoro soon?