One shot, one kill - SAS and Leet 'bout to shoot each other

ok here goes

(overdone burning, i know)

feel free to edit.
rate and leave a comment.

SAS is gonna lose with that aim.

Anyway, pretty damn good. It’s simple and the effects are nice. Rated artistic.

Not your best stea1th

Your editings quite good, the black bars ruin it though.

The hand looks a little thin too, but I can’t really see anything **WRONG **with it.

thnx for constructive comment

I think the burning is fine, looks great.

It’s something about the focus, I can’t quite put my finger on it.

Black bars ruins it, and it’s maybe a little too bright in top of the picture. But otherwise colors and posing is great.

Kinda cool. I like it.

thanks for comments

A creative shot and premise.